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PSBIM – The Philippine Specialty Board of Internal Medicine a.k.a. THE IM DIPLOMATE EXAM

The Grueling PSBIM

In my lifetime, I had already taken 3 board exams, the NLE (Nurses Licensure Examination), NCLEX (National Council Licensure Examination), and the PLE (Physicians
Licensure Examination). All 3 exams were tough. Imagine the confidence I had when it was time to take the PSBIM.

No amount of luck nor confidence could ever have prepared me for that exam. Thus, the 1st tip is: DO NOT BE OVERCONFIDENT! 

Though it was tough, I had no choice but do the best I could and fervently prayed. The 3 years of Internal Medicine Training was foremost in my mind. I answered the difficult questions by thinking through the experiences I’ve had, the cases I’ve handled, and the patients I’ve seen. 2nd PSBIM Tip: BELIEVE!

I’ve gone through 4 years of medical school, 1 year of post graduate internship, about a year of preparing and taking the Physician’s Licensure Exam, and 3 years of Internal Medicine Residency. A total of 9 years spent reading, learning, experiencing, and living internal medicine. My heart and mind was all in. I had to pass!

What is the PSBIM?

It is the Philippine Specialty Board of Internal Medicine. The exam is administered annually by the Philippine College of Physicians (PCP). It aims to certify the competence of doctors to practice Internal Medicine. It can only be taken after completing 3 years of Internal Medicine Residency training.

The April 2018 PSBIM was a 360 items multiple type of question exam. It takes one full day (8am to 12noon, 1pm to 5pm with 1 hour lunch break) usually held on a Sunday at the University of Sto. Thomas in Manila. It was well-written and very tricky. The questions were meticulously chosen. There were easy, fairly moderate, and difficult questions well spread out among the subspecialties.

It was the most difficult exam that I have taken so far. After passing the exam with God’s grace, I now would like to share my experience and tips on how to pass it or even top it. So stay tuned for more tips on the PSBIM.


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