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I am currently new to blogging. I always thought you would instanly just get it: readers, followers, people who get interested. However, after reading and re-reading about how to blog and how to blog for money. It is clear that it will take a lot of hard work to earn from this “hobby.”

It will take determination, perseverance, and many many many hours on my laptop to generate great ideas. So here are just some of the things I found out.

Most bloggers don’t get paid purely on the content of their blogs but they have the following as mainstream income:
1. Ads
2. Sponsored Posts
3. Affiliate Marketing
4. Products/Services

These are all seemingly related to how people react to your blog. The bottomline of which is your PAGE VIEWS. How many people click to see your page. How many of them actually read your blog. How many of those who stay on your page click the links that you provide.

Let me know if you have more ideas on how to monitize on blogging. I’d love to try them too.

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Web HostingWeb Hosting
Web Hosting

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